WE/ARE: A new generation of post-VR engineers

Located in 中关村 (Zhongguancun), Haidian District, Beijing, China. Since 2015, our drive to create new and innovative use cases for EEG scanning technology has transformed the way that we interact with the world around and within us. By focusing on integrating the role of subjective sensations into our products: We hope to craft a more perfect reflection of our modern society.

With the financial backing of local interactive design firms, and working with other massive business partners in the international tech sector: Our already robust and reliable medical-grade brain-machine interfaces have jumped light-years ahead of the competition. What was a team of 3 has now expanded into a full R&D division, mass production line, and an expansive suite of compatible software for corporate clients and consumers alike. We are proud to be the sole supplier of over 100 high-profile clients and thousands of beta users, earning over $400 million of profit in the first year of W/ARE’s release alone.

Our successful and rapidly growing company is the result of our prestigious CEO’s collaboration with a dedicated team of engineers who all believe in our product. We have one dream in mind that is always improving and expanding and hope that you will join in too!

Our technology

Since our start as an idea born at the prestigious University of Electronic Science and Technology of China: W/ARE has developed from a theoretical application of lucid dreaming on paper for the medical sector into a new paradigm of virtual reality for all to enjoy. The W/ARE headset is designed with comfort and clarity in mind; with adjustable straps located around the device to adapt for each user. Using medical-grade MRI sensor units, combined with a host of proprietary radio transmitters and efficient microprocessors to translate mental input: Our headset avoids the usual user eye-strain and heavy system requirements that traditional Mixed Reality devices often complain about by bypassing our physical senses altogether.

By inducing high levels of alpha brainwave activity : The W/ARE headset forgoes the need for expensive computers and gaming consoles in order to generate the high-quality visuals that players expect from modern video games. Our research has shown that the human brain alone has more than enough native processing capacity to handle the heavy lifting of displaying 3d visuals, only requiring a pass-through interface to facilitate consistent online network activity between users and connect dreamers to their favorite online worlds in unprecedented clarity.

The W/ARE headset is simple to use for both experienced gamers and novices alike. After charging the unit and securing it around their head, users simply need to lie down comfortably and rest. An oscillating combination of REM and NREM sleep states are induced by the unit’s patented electronic array that lies on the temples of the user’s head and generates nearly inaudible sounds, stimulating the frontal and temporal lobe using tACS low-level electric stimulation at 70Hz. This causes the user to lucidly deep-dive into their favorite game worlds with minimal calibration required.

Once the dream has taken hold, our engineers have masterfully crafted a set of well-tested in-sleep locomotion and interaction methods that adapt to each user’s unique psychology and preferences. Instead of spending 4 hours playing your favorite online games with clumsy motion controllers and a limited range of movement: You can spend the perceived equivalent of up to 8 hours during each session in the most realistic online environment you will ever experience! Additionally: Every new user helps add to the W/ARE processing ecosystem, providing peer-to-peer dreamscape processing assistance in order to ensure a smooth and clear experience for all users. Just by participating in your dreaming session: You act as a part of an interconnected and larger whole.

In order to maintain gameplay continuity between players and keep users safe in the case of a server connection problem: Our system automatically backs up your active memory state and proactively utilizes a predictive behavioral algorithm based on your actions, preventing perceived in-game network latency and keeping our users safe. For just under the length of a full REM sleep cycle: You too can experience a social experience like never before along with the benefit of a full night’s rest! Join humanity’s collective dream and meet new people across the world in a way unlike any other!

萧張 (Xiāo Cheung)

Our Founder, 萧張 (Xiāo Cheung), created the technology for W/ARE with a childhood dream in mind: Being able to live in a virtual world. His favorite films, such as The Lawnmower Man, presented a world where advanced virtual reality technology could help humanity go beyond their physical limits. His intense drive to create this solution was emboldened by his marriage to Mrs. Cheung in 2005, who has suffered from an acute form of narcolepsy since childhood. In his search to help treat the love of his life: Xiāo began to look into using lucid dreaming as a way of mitigating his wife’s stress and built rudimentary EEG-based communications devices to calm her during her more intense episodes.

With that inspiration in mind: Xiāo started work on the first prototype of the W/ARE headset immediately after graduating with his Masters in Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, drawing interest from several large backers. Now, after a decade of steady research and development: He has brought this revolutionary leap into the future onto the global market!

When not working on more advancements in neurotech and making partnerships with tech giants around the world: He takes care of his wife and daughter at their lovely waterfront estate.

黄志明 (Huáng Zhìmíng)

黄志明 (Huáng Zhìmíng), our CEO, believed in Xiāo's vision from the very beginning, Graduating alongside him at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China with a Masters in Business; Huáng helped get the W/ARE project off the ground at a time when most of his business partner’s time was being spent gathering engineers and creating our first product line. His diligence, strong business acumen, and keen focus allowed W/ARE to flourish with an influx of angel investment opportunities and exclusive partnerships for consumer-grade applications of our technology.

His incredible marketing know-how and ability to connect people of all trades bolstered W/ARE’s development, bringing together the core of our company in record time and causing us to eclipse HTC and Oculus’ popular VR solutions in versatility and immersion. The help that his endorsement and commitment to creating a widespread market for Post-VR devices cannot be understated.

Huáng currently resides near the Cheung family estate, often golfing with Xiāo and meeting their investors in his perfectly-modeled private office Dreamscape.

The team

周林 (Zhou Lin)
Lead Developer
李丹 (Li Dan)
Lead Game Designer
唐博 (Tang Bo)
Lead Developer
江伟 (Jiang Wei)
Lead Game Designer